Top Kpop groups

Kpop is short for korean pop in the kpop industry theres many groups and singers under different companies, they are best known for wearing flashy outfits and of course singing and dancing.

Famous kpop group at the moment

Some famous kpop groups right now:

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Kpop Companies

Kpop groups cant form by themselves each member has to audition for the company they want to be in theres many different companies and they all promote their groups differently and some are more popular than others here is a list of the most famous and highest earning companies.

  1. SM Entertaiment.
  2. YG Entertaiment.
  3. JYP Entertaiment.
  4. FNC Entertaiment
  5. Starship Entertaiment.

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Famous Kpop Group Names
Company name Sales Net Profit
SM Entertaiment 325 billion KRW (~ 280 million USD) 18 billion KRW (~ 15 million USD)
YG Entertaiment 193 billion KRW (~ 166 million USD) 24 billion KRW (~ 21 million USD)
JYP Entertaiment 50.5 billion KRW (~ 43 million USD) 3.5 billion KRW (~ 3 million USD)
FNC Entertaiment 73 billion KRW (~ 62 million USD) 2.2 billion KRW (~ 2 million USD)
Starship Entertaiment 23.3 billion KRW (~ 20 million USD) 2.1 billion KRW (~ 1.8 million USD)

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Eye-catching Performences

exo live

Kpop peformances are bright and eye-catching making them interesting to watch even if you are not a fan of their music.

BTS, a kpop group Kpop